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With the opportunities digital cinema has brought forth, the number of Turkish independent films has increased drastically. However, due to their frequent disregard of the pre-production and development stage, combined with insufficient knowledge of international funding and workshops as well as inexperience in festival strategies and distribution, a large number of these films never reach their potential. Anagraf Film bases its founding ideologies in supporting independent artists and filmmakers in Turkey.

Aware of the importance of all the different stages in pre-production, Anagraf Film aims to bring more projects from Turkey onto international funding platforms and project development workshops. With professionals who specialize in dramaturgy, editing, art direction and film music, we enable filmmakers to prepare for the project thoroughly before embarking on actual filming. Similarly, with indie, art-house and creative documentaries that are ready for post production, Anagraf Film takes on the role of producer or co-producer in editing and music.

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